Hiragana poster

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Illustrated poster of "hiragana", Japanese alphabet. Mastering hiragana will be the first step to learn Japanese language. I made this poster originally in 2017 to help my daughter learning Japanese. Now in second print in 140 gsm off white sugar paper. It's almost A1 size and printed by highly skilled printer in East London.

I chose each sample vocabularies very carefully from my childhood customs, food I used to enjoy or household objects we had and experiences from growing up in rural countryside in Japan. 

Putting up this poster on your wall will help you learn hiragana. You can colour it in, cut them up to make flash card set or just enjoy the illustrations of some slightly retro and obscure things.

Lithographically printed in London onto 140gsm sugar paper.

805mm x 568mm

There are options  to buy 1 of each hiragana and katakana posters or 2 prints of the same posters with discount. Please have a look at the drop down menu.